The Rules For Coordinating Clothes For Men PART1


What are the stylish clothes for men? If you reconsider the matter, you will find that elegant clothes or clothes that people wear and look very elegant are nothing but the same pieces in everyone’s wardrobe, and the secret is only in how to properly coordinate clothes for men.

So, you only have to make sure that you follow the following men’s dress-styling rules, and then you can make sure that you get every day a look to say the least elegant and attractive, and do not worry about this secret is easier and simpler than you think.

10 – Coordinate men’s clothing according to the occasion

The clothes should be completely appropriate for the place, time and occasion, so if your work is on a formal level as an employee in the bank or a professor at the university or elsewhere, then your clothes must be closer to the official, while if your work requires movement and meeting with different people, such as working in the media You can choose comfortable clothes that help you to move around.

But if the men’s clothing arrangement is aimed at going out to an official party or an important meeting, then the appropriate suit with a tie must be worn, while in the event of going out on a trip with relatives and friends, you can rely on the casual looks of sports clothes or jeans.

9 – Choose clothes that suit your body

Size and texture … it is what governs the choice of clothes and the appropriate size. You can achieve it by trying clothes before buying them, and they must be suitable, not tight, almost torn, nor large and wide, for example the sleeve must end at the wrist completely, and the shoulders of coats or shirts at your shoulder, and pants Between the ankle and the shoe, i.e. if it is longer, it must be modified.

As for the textures, you should choose what shows your slim, athletic figure, so if you have a feather, you cannot wear tight shirts and avoid putting pants on top of the shirt, while if you are thin, you can use light colors and long sleeves, or you can wear several layers in the winter that give you the perfect structure.

8 – Color harmony in clothes

Color harmony in clothes is one of the things that play the most important role in terms of destroying the look or making it the top of elegance and sophistication, and this matter depends on:

Choose colors that suit your skin tone, and if your skin is light, you will give birth to colors that appear pale, such as pastel colors or light colors, and dark skinned colors, avoid what increases its paleness, such as very dark colors.

Choosing colors that are consistent with each other, in case you decide to wear a shirt or sweater with drawings or engravings, it must contain the color of the pants, and you can also rely on the color gradation in your clothes from dark shades of pants to light colors for the shirt, or choose from the color circle of opposing pairs of colors.

7 – Coordinate accessories with clothes

Although men in general do not pay much attention to the accessory and its coordination with clothes, it is one of the things that play an important role and closely affect the general appearance and highlight the personality, but there are also some points that guarantee the positive role of these accessories, so you should choose 2 – 3 Of your preference and follow the following rules.

  • Waist belt

The color of the waist belt must be coordinated with the color of the shoe, so choosing colors that are inconsistent with each other is one of the biggest mistakes of elegance for men, and the size of the belt must be adjusted around your waist and make sure of its condition, i.e. avoid adopting old, dulled belts or that lost a large part of its outer layer.

  • The glasses

Eyeglasses are one of the most important accessories that are easy to coordinate with the general look and shape of the face, in addition to being the most popular.

Sunglasses: They should be either black or in a color that matches your clothes, and avoid choosing strange glasses.

Medical glasses: They must be chosen according to the shape of your face, and if it is thin, you should choose small medical glasses. But if your face is full, then adopt wide-frame glasses, that is, in other words, you only have to create balance.

  • The clock

The choice of watch depends first on the shape of the clothes in its general form, formal or normal, in addition to the consistency of colors, but in general, metal watches fit formal looks, while leather or fabric watches fit all clothes amazingly.

  • Hand accessory

And it must be proportional to the watch in terms of size, shape, color, and in general, no bracelet should be adopted with metal watches, as for the ring, you have the freedom to choose in terms of appearance and color, but it should not be completely far from clothes.

  • Tie

A tie gives life and sophistication to the formal look, but there are some things that cannot be tolerated:

Choosing the length of the necktie to suit you. Long ties, in case you have the belly, are able to hide it, and in general the maximum length of the necktie must reach the outer end of the metal buckle of the waist belt.

As for the color, it must be adopted to suit the clothes, so you can adopt burgundy or pink with black formal suits, or a black or dark tie with light shirts without a formal suit.

The method of linking plays an important role, as a large percentage of people do not master this task and intend to link it spontaneously and chaotically, but this spoils the appearance, so you can learn the method through the following video clip.

  • The hat

The basic rule is color and time, the color must be appropriate and belong to the color family of your clothes, and for time, you cannot adopt a sun hat with the rainy weather, nor a winter hat in the summer.

  • The scarf

Some men rely on wrapping a scarf around the neck instead of a tie, but it must be a color that fits well with the shoes and with a belt for the waist, and the most important thing is that it only fits with formal shirts, so it cannot be coordinated with any other sweater or other.