And The Highest Earning Entertainer Is


According to Forbes magazine, the highest earning entertainer in the world today is Sean P. Diddy. He was able to generate earnings of over $130 million from June 1, 2016, to June 1, 2017. Currently, Sean P. Diddy boasts a net worth of a staggering $830 million, making him the highest earning and richest music artist in the hip-hop genre. The entertainment mogul makes most of his money from his fashion house, Sean John. The fashion house brings in revenue of over half a billion dollars per year. Although he is no longer the majority shareholder of the company after selling a portion of his shares to the company, Global Brands Group, Sean still holds 20% stake in the company. In addition to that, he also enjoys a profitable partnership with the vodka company, Diageo Ciroc. Sean was also able to add to his income from his Bad Boy Family Reunion tour.


 After Combs comes Beyoncé. The singer was able to accumulate around $105 million largely owing to the success of her album, Lemonade, and the Formation World Tour.

 The writer, JK Rowling, took third place with earnings of $95 million. To this day, she makes most of her money through royalties earned from her largely successful Harry Potter series. The fourth place was occupied by the singer, rapper, Drake. He was able to accumulate most of his $94 million earnings by touring non-stop on his Boy Meets World Tour. The soccer athlete, Cristiano Ronaldo, took the fifth spot with earnings amounting to $93 million.

 The Weeknd amassed earnings of $92 million, making him the sixth highest earning entertainer in the world today. He was able to generate such a monstrous amount thanks to a surge in streaming revenues. In the past two years, he has generated close to 5.5 billion streams!

 The TV and radio personality, Howard Stern, nailed the seventh spot with earnings of $90 million while the eight spot was taken by the band, Coldplay, with earnings amounting to $88 million. The band made their money from their Head Full of Dreams Tour.

 The author, James Patterson, also surprisingly made his way on the list, taking the ninth spot with earnings close to $87 million. In the previous year, he sold more than 9.5 million copies of his books.

 The tenth spot was occupied by the basketball player, Lebron James. He earned $86 million in the previous year with only $31 million of his total earnings coming from his salary. The man generated the rest of his earnings from lucrative sponsorship deals.