David Tallichet Finds Missing Piece in Aviation History in Papua New Guinea


It’s not every day that you find a missing piece of history while out trekking. Of course, trekking in high-traffic paths will most likely not result in anything breath-taking other than the view, but what happens when you venture into the unknown? For one man, a restaurateur named David Tallichet, finding a piece of history aviation history was exactly what happened to him while walking through the jungles of Papua New Guinea. What was his finding that baffled aviation-nuts back at home? Keep reading to find out!

1. Father of themed restaurants

Source: pinterest.com

David Tallichet is known for a lot of things, but perhaps he’s most famous for being the father of themed restaurants. Granted, he wasn’t the first person to create such an establishment, but he successfully set a trend that many future restaurateurs would follow suit. His first restaurant was a Polynesian-themed place set in California.