What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian


Where can we start with Kim Kardashian?

Although described by many as a talentless woman, Kim´s rise to prominence and accumulation of millions of dollars seem to suggest otherwise. After all, would a talentless woman be able to garner a whopping net worth of $150 million?

Let us be honest here; Kim Kardashian´s success did not occur by chance. We must give credit where it is due and Kim Kardashian is simply a shrewd businesswoman. She knows exactly how to mint money. Hence, if you are planning to start a business venture, you should consider learning from Kim Kardashian´s strategic, masterfully initiated moves. So, what can she teach us about making money?


Well, the first thing we can learn from Kim Kardashian is the fact that we need to be hardworking to make it big. She was only 16-years-old when she started her own eBay store. She sold goods and products, primarily shoes and fashion accessories that she designed herself. Basically, she invested in herself and her business plans, knowing fully well that she would be able to reap benefits in the long run. Therefore, if you want to make it big in life, you need to believe in your ideas, formulate a solid plan, and invest. In addition to that, like Kim, you should also shamelessly promote yourself every opportunity you get.

Before building an empire, Kim Kardashian worked her way up the social ladder as a socialite. During the time, she ran a closet organization business. The business primarily focused on selling celebrity´s unwanted closets and furniture on eBay. However, in order to have access to the properties of the celebrities, Kim first needed to build a network. And, in order to build a network, she regularly hung around with famous people. She was once Brandy´s personal assistant; Kim was also best friends with Paris Hilton. Therefore, taking cue from Kim´s shrewd moves, you too must meet new people and try to forge mutually beneficial and valuable relationships on and offline.

Don´t be fooled by what you see on Kim Kardashian´s Instagram profile. She actually does a lot more work than just attend parties, events and click selfies. She has multiple streams of revenue. Back in 2015, she was paid a whopping $15 million for her appearances on the reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians. She is also the proud owner of the clothing store, DASH; Kim shares ownership of the store with her sisters, Kourtney and Khloe. Were you aware of the fact that Kim even has her own app? During the first five days of the app´s release, it raked in profits of a whopping $1.6 million. Kim Kardashian also earns a fortune from making public appearances in parties, events, openings. Therefore, like Kim, you, too, require multiple streams of revenue to ensure that the cash flow keeps coming in.