The Rules For Coordinating Clothes For Men PART2


6 – Coordination of assertions with men’s clothing

Being assured and conforming to clothes is one of the most important rules for coordinating clothes for men that cannot be tolerated, but fortunately it is easy to choose the right one.

  • The shoes

The shoe must be in the color of the waist belt or a color that is proportional to it, and at the same time it must be in harmony with the clothes. You cannot adopt sandals with a formal suit or formal shoes with sportswear, and here are some things that should be wary of them with the shoes:

Avoid wearing shoes that are not well fitting.

Avoid wearing dirty shoes, no matter what.

  • Socks

Socks play the most important role in terms of either spoiling the appearance or making it elegant, despite the fact that a large percentage of people do not care about this important detail:

White socks have become old fashion. You have to adopt socks with classic colors.

Short socks should be chosen with sneakers, and tall socks with formal shoes.

Never wear socks with sandal.

5 – Choose what suits your personality

In other words, you have to choose what suits you and adopt elegance before searching for fashion, because coordinating clothes for men does not depend greatly on imitating fashion trends, and in general, what is most appropriate for you is what fits your personality, and whatever avoids wearing strange or tight clothes that contain a lot From graphics and colors it is not considered elegant.

4 – Ironing clothes and making sure they are clean

The consistency of your clothes is one thing and its condition is quite another, no matter how elegant it is, it will not make you an elegant person if it is untidy, so the clothes must be ironed carefully before being approved and make sure of their cleanliness, condition and smell, this matter cannot be tolerated at all.

3 – The hairstyle cannot be ignored

The hairstyle must be proportional to the features of your face and the type of your hair, so if the shape of your face is thin or elongated, you must adopt the hairstyles that give it some width, and vice versa, that is, if your face is wide, you must adopt what gives it length, i.e. create balance, but if your hair is It is light in the middle, it should be shortened to the maximum and not to leave its long sides no matter what, and it is necessary to experiment and change hairstyles and haircuts, and this matter will not be difficult. If you do not like a story simply, you will be able to change it after two weeks or a little more.

The importance of getting rid of hair problems such as oils cannot be ignored if the hair is greasy, dandruff, damaged and many others, and you can do so simply by choosing the right shampoo.

2 – Take care of the appearance of your beard

Some men make a lot of mistakes with regard to their beard, and this matter can destroy everything that has been done and followed in terms of the rules and method of coordinating clothes for men, so you just have to adhere to the following points:

When shaving it, you must make sure that the matter is completely done and not leaving any parts of it, as this matter really annoys elegance.

In the event that it is curly and you want to lengthen it, you can use a hairdryer to give it a neat and beautiful look.

1 – Adopt the appearance of Al-Wathiq

Confidence plays the primary role, so you must make sure of your posture, tone of voice, and your style are all things that play the role in addition to clothing, and trust does not mean annoying others or acting without tact, on the contrary, it means respecting and appreciating everyone, this is exactly what can be called charisma.

Thus ended the rules and method of coordinating clothes for men, these rules will always be by your side, but whatever rules you follow, you must achieve two things: the first is to be comfortable with what you choose, and the second is to be completely confident in your appearance.