Are You Desperate To Know How To Manage Your Time Efficiently? Look No Further!


The GTD Framework

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The GTD framework is a time management system created by David Allen, who wrote the best selling book called Getting Things Done. The main idea of this method is to record all of your tasks externally, instead of trying to remember them. Thus, you’ll be free to concentrate on how to achieve results and save yourself a lot of trouble when it comes to memorizing things.

There are five steps to the GTD framework

  1. Capture Make sure you take note of every assignment you have.
  2. Clarify Sort through all your tasks to determine what’s urgent and what can be postponed or removed from your to-do list altogether.
  3. Organize Assign priorities, categories, and due dates, if possible to each and every task.
  4. Reflect Revise your list to see where to begin. It should be pretty straightforward from this point!
  5. Engage Pick your most important task and get to work!