20 Warning Signs to Consider Leaving Your Job


We’ve been made to believe that having a job is a chore, however, a lot of us do love our careers, while others will always be constant complainers. But if you’re someone who thrives on using and developing their skills to build, create, fix, teach, serve, and so on, then you may notice if things start feeling fishy at work. A toxic workplace strips self-confidence and creates discord. Studies show that stress can have severe physical and emotional side-effects. If you’re at your wits end with work and unsure where the problem lies, start with comparing your values and future plans with those of your team and the company.

Make positive changes where you can but if it’s pointless to even try, then go find that dream job where your value is utilized. How do you know when it’s time for a new challenge?

Read these 20 signs you should change your job:

1. Bad Boss Vibes

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Maybe it’s been gradual or you just suddenly getting the cold shoulder from your boss. The underlying tension and constantly analyzing what the problem could put you at risk for higher stress levels. If you cannot confront it and it’s not improving, maybe you need to find more positive mentors.

2. Bad Management

Source: Businessleaders.com

If you’re wasting time in fruitless meetings with the same outcome and working in an unproductive and dysfunctional place that lacks focus, cooperation, and leadership, you are hitting a brick wall if you cannot influence and positively change things. That should be your cue to leave.

3. Your Work is Wrong

Source: Fortune.com

Most of us can handle a bit of a constructive criticism but if every task goes through an autopsy and then negatively critiqued, your value is not being recognized and you are not being trusted. Being made to feel useless diminishes your self-esteem that cripples your progress and development.

4. Always Absent

Source: Harvard.edu

You dread every day that you have to go to work. Sometimes praying the building burns down. But when your apathy grows, you are less inclined to show up so you call in sick more often. This can lead to a road of depression as you slowly slip downhill.

5. Daily Duties Are Dull

Source: Fortune.com

What used to get you up in the morning is now getting you down. Every task and duty becomes a mind-numbing chore. Your days are filled with boredom, which turns into weeks and then months of flatlining. Change your environment to reawaken your desires, enjoyment, and synergies.

6. The Blame Game

Source: Additudemag.com

When all the good brain cylinders are firing, you’re motivated to get the job done and done well. But when there’s conflict, dishonesty or distrust within a team, people tend to go into self-preservation mode and deny accountability. If there’s more finger pointing than working, find the nearest exit.

7. Numbing The Nerves

Source: Thestar.com

If you’re spending 8 hours at work (excluding commuting time) and you’re hating every second, you need to extract yourself before there are long-term side effects. People self-sabotage or anesthetize themselves from life pressures, stress, anxiety, and hopelessness by turning to drink and drugs for distraction.

8. The Company Complainer

Source: CIO.com

Are you voicing your private, negative thoughts to everyone about everyone? By constantly sharing frustrations with Tom, Dick, and Harry, you’re not putting yourself in a good light by being a constant complainer. If you’re blowing off steam too often, then you need to find a new job and start yoga.

9. Persistent Procrastination

Source: Reviewtrackers.com

Indifferent, directionless, and floundering as time ticks on is a sure way to waste good years of your working life. If you’re stumbling along a path and not taking control of your situation, you’ll remain on a plateau indefinitely. It’s time to find a new hill to climb.

10. No, You’re Not Okay

Source: Thegrindstone.com

If work is becoming hard to stomach, your nearest and dearest can sense more than you care to admit. When your clan is concerned and constantly questioning your well-being, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror and admit the impact that work is having on you.

11. Clock Watching

Source: Fmcgmagazine.co.uk

Miss the days when you loved getting to work early and got excited about working overtime? You were a gladiator conquering armies but now you’re acting like a robot who arrives at 7:59:59 a.m. to leave at 5:00:01 p.m. If you want to be a gladiator again, find new ground.

12. The Sunday Blues

Source: Dailywt.com

By Sunday eve, across the civilized world, a cloud descends to remind us it’s back to work tomorrow. Apparently, it’s a common phenomenon, even if you do like your job. But if you are imagining utter terror every week leaving you frazzled, you need a more encouraging and favorable workplace.

13. Avoidance Tactics

Source: Source: Rd.com

If for whatever reason, you’re starting to avoid face time with your boss or colleagues then you need to look at finding a better-suited workplace where personality differences don’t clash with productivity. We need people around us that motivate and inspire us, so we can have a great working experience.

14. Reading Different Books

Source: Edu.glogster.com

Teams that aren’t in sync about shared visions and goals will be prone to misunderstandings, mistakes, blaming, and offense. If you’re on a different page, in a different book to everyone else and there’s no connection, it will be harder to relate and agree on common goals.

15. Strengths On Pause

Source: Stylecraze.com

You were hired for a particular skill set and you took the job to use those skills. If your path took a detour under the control of others and doing things that don’t involve developing your strengths, you need to re-align and find the right path for your journey.

16. Afternoon Siestas

Source: Scoopwhoop.com

Feeling drowsy once in a while is very normal but when you constantly feel drowsy and start napping at your desk, you should consider how well you’re sleeping. Anxious and unhappy people are not good sleepers. If you’re always fretting over work, you’re in desperate need of a change.

17. Nothing Gets Finished

Source: Forbes.com

We start at a new job with great enthusiasm and new ideas. If we’re encouraged to continue in this spirit, we progress and achieve goals. But there’s no follow up or feedback, an uninterested approach develops and you don’t care to complete your work.

18. Accessible Learning

Source: Hesed.info

Complacency is the enemy of progress. If you’re bogged down with mundane tasks, and there are no challenges, promotions, or skills training presented, chances are the switch will flip one day and you realized you could’ve been and done so much more.

19l. It’s A Dead-End

Source: Inspiringwomen.co.za

You are in a dead-end job when you realize there is no chance of further career development or a new career path offered by the company that will provide a more senior or higher paid position. When you realize that then move on before you waste any more time.

20. Lacking Freedom

Source: Fotomelia.com

Feeling trapped. It’s a vulnerable position to be in whether its lacking financial freedom, creative freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of belief. Fighting these fronts takes its toll on us and undermines our purpose and individual right. Work in a place where a mutually beneficial relationship is respected.