20 High Salary Future Careers that will Radically Change One’s Life


It may feel that technology and robots will take over the world soon but it will take quite a long time for robots to fully automate our world. Humans will always be required for input and design and the digital world will soon morph with our reality.

When looking to see what the best future career choice could be, consider the jobs that pay well and the ones where opportunities will expand, and not decrease.

If you read our list of 20 Highest Salary Jobs in the Future, you’ll note that jobs in healthcare and tech seem to be the most prominent.

1. Health Care Practitioners

Source: Pixabay.com

With advances in medicine and discovering cures, a longer-living population will affect the capacity of healthcare systems to effectively accommodate and treat more patients. Even though robots are being introduced into surgeries, human care levels will be more sought after in an increasingly artificial and digital era.

2. Remote Health Care

Source: Advantech.com

Communication technology is advancing every year, making it possible for health care workers and doctors to offer online medical examinations and advice without being in the room or country as the patient. Currently, it’s possible to perform remote surgeries with the assistance of robots.

3. Solar and Wind Energy Technicians

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Renewable energy will be a key industry in many decades to come. Focus on harmful emissions means moving away from fossil fuels. Solar and wind energy will become more widespread as it gets more affordable and the technical resources needed to install and maintain these sources will be indispensable.

4. Software Developers

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Electronic devices, computers, smartphones, and robots need optimal software to breathe life into hardware. If it’s creating a web or phone app, or programming a cyborg, our connection with artificial intelligence and digital media will evolve, increasing the need for talented software developers.

5. Digital Content Specialist

Source: Pinterest.com

The rapid shift to instant and interactive media has created rapid consumption of online content. We are constantly connected to entertainment and information. Being able to generate highly creative and new digital content that is ahead of the game means you’ll be sought after and well paid.

6. Information Security Analyst

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Software is created to manage data and the more we rely on software, more risks will emerge. An I.T. security specialist is needed to assess vulnerabilities that compromise information confidentiality and integrity. Every company and government organization will need one of these experts.

7. Biomedical Engineer

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Biomedical engineering is a promising career to follow. Cutting-edge research and development play a key part in designing and creating biological implants, bionic body parts, sophisticated medical devices, and artificial organs. The demand for skilled biomedical engineers will be high as engineering and design integrate with medicine and biology.

8. Mechanical and Technical Engineers

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Robots may be automating production and manufacturing but someone to design the equipment and processes for testing and delivering automated equipment, robots, 3D-printers, and smartphones. The need for mechanical and technical engineers will intensify with the demand for technology requirements.

9. Electronics Engineering Specialist

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All engineers get to invent, design and explore leading-edge technologies. Electronic engineers are constantly challenged to come up with smaller yet more complex and powerful electronic components for computers, machinery, communications, and navigational devices. Another top-notch job that will be in high demand and a high salary.

10. Digital Rehab Counselor

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Since entering the digital era, our brains are over stimulated with messaging, emails, social media, and news, keeping us online all the time. For some, its an addiction. Expertise to counsel and assist in digitally detoxing will be required for health conditions that stem from the excessive use of digital resources.

11. Blockchain Developer

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If you know the ins and outs of the underlying Blockchain technology then you could be well set for the future. Blockchain is a cryptographic ledger for decentralized, private, and faster transactions. It is more complex than that, which is why these developers will be in a very niche market.

12. Commercial Drone Pilot

Source: Pinterest.com

Drones are being used for military, civil, and commercial purposes. In the next decade, we are likely to see drones delivering packages, removing street waste, monitoring pollution levels, and carrying out tasks that are either dangerous or inaccessible. Pilots will be needed to manage and control fleets of drones.

13. 3D-Printing Technician

Source: zdnet.com

The emergence of 3D printing has surprised many of us with the possibilities of this technology. We are just starting to scratch the surface where 3D printing could allow you to design and create everyday household objects, medical implants, and manufacturing components. Technicians specializing in this area will be in high demand.

14. Augmented Reality Developer

Source: Leapsmag.com

Augmented Reality (AR) is different to Virtual Reality where digital elements are added to a live view. Think of Snapchat lenses and the Pokemon game. This is a good paying and creative job where visual enhancements are added for better entertainment and information value.

15. Virtual Reality Developer

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a complete and absorbing experience that excludes the physical world. VR is making it possible to sit in your bedroom while visiting Paris, Moscow, or Bali. You don’t to physically be there to be there. Virtual Reality Developers create unlimited, realistic, hi-tech, and original virtual experiences.

16. Robotics Service Technician

Source: Piquenewsmagazine.com

One day, we may all have a robot in our homes who is doing the housework, cooking, lawn maintenance, and laundry. Skilled technicians will become higher paid tradespeople needed to fix or recode robots in the event of a malfunction.

17. Urban Agriculture Specialist

Source: Wired.com

Urban agriculture is becoming an increasingly important part of managing an urban environment. With mortality rates decreasing due to science and medicine means an increase in population and growing cities. Specialists will be needed to manage waste and the cultivating of food in urban areas.

18. Nanotech Engineer

Source: Longlonglife.org

Groundbreaking science has opened up opportunities that we thought were only possible in sci-fi movies. Nanotech engineers have dreams of self-replicating nanostructures in nanorobots which are implanted in the human body to combat diseases. This is a very specialized and highly-paid career choice.

19. Genetics Engineer

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Genetically being able to re-engineer, modify, duplicate, and manipulate genes through biotechnology is another field that is gaining traction. Being able to cure and treat disease effectively as well as slow or prevent the aging process is growing in demand so in 10-20 years, a genetics engineer will be one of the highest paying jobs.

20. Tech Ethicist

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Tech ethicists will be required more as humans absorb more technology. They’ll be the critics who ask the real questions about the impact and consequences of new technologies and innovation. Is it ethical to create designer babies conceived, developed and born in a testbed? The ethicists will stand up for morality.