15 Easy-to-follow and Super-helpful Homeschooling Ideas


No matter how much you love your kid(s), being locked together for weeks and acting as a teacher can be challenging for anybody, especially with the added stress of a pandemic looming – jobs lost or endangered, fearing for loved ones. The more you struggle, the more your little one will feel your frustration. So, take a deep breath, follow our easy and practical ideas, and you’ll see that day by day, it will go smoother and more gleeful.

1. Establish Routines

Source: Today.com

In order to keep things under control in this precarious situation, a well planned daily routine becomes more important than ever. Let’s always try to get up on weekday mornings as if you are just going to work or school. Also, keep the morning rituals of getting ready, have a shower, get dressed and eat a nutritious breakfast. Before you start the classes, discuss the schedule with your child(ren) and try to stick to it. Call up a little family meeting once a week to see if anyone has a suggestion to increase the effectiveness of your routine, consider and make changes if needed.