15 A-Listers Whose Crushing on Another Celebrity Remained Unrequited


We, regular people of Earth know the sweet-bitter feeling of unrequited love. And many times the targeted person is not even our type, nor is the right one. It’s simple chemistry.

Have you ever thought that even most popular celebrities cannot get everyone they long for? Here is a list of 15 stars who admittedly didn’t get who they crushed on.

1. Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon

Source: Bustle.com

Years ago, one of Nicole Kidman’s friends set up a random date for her with the funny host of Tonight Show, realizing that Kidman liked the showman. However, Fallon didn’t seem to get it was an actual date, and later he told he never would have believed this could happen. He showed zero interest, and Kidman obviously assumed he wasn’t interested in her. She even made a joke that she was thinking he must be gay.