10 Rules That Will Ensure That You Buy Safe, Fit And Stylish Sunglasses PART 2


4- Choose the material of the glasses frame

In addition to the shape and size of the frame, the options also vary according to the material the frame is made of. This material plays a big role in determining how comfortable these glasses are in addition to their strength, safety, and resistance to breakage and scratches, and the 6 most reliable materials are:

  • Metal frames

It is considered one of the most common types of tire due to its high resistance, durability, and ease of adjustment to suit many shapes, but it is among the most expensive types.

  • The tires are nylon

It is a tire that is suitable for players and athletes, it is characterized by its resistance to temperature changes, and it has a lot of flexibility.

  • Titanium frames

Most of the international brands rely on titanium in the frames of their glasses, and they are characterized by high resistance to scratches, and these glasses are the most expensive compared to others.

  • Polycarbonate frame

These tires are made of hard plastic that has high resistance to various influencing factors, so they are suitable for athletes, but despite this durability these tires tend to be rigid rather than flexible.

  • Acetate frame

The strongest type among the types of plastics that are relied upon in the manufacture of eyeglass frames in addition to being the most flexible and lightest in terms of weight, as well as the possibility of these frames being available in many colors and shapes, and this color is guaranteed in terms of its survival with the same purity and quality because it is among the Subject.

3 – Buy sunglasses with the lenses that suit you

Lenses come in many types according to the material they are made of, and of course there is a big difference and difference from their effect to their transparency and clarity of vision, and the most important of these lenses are the following:

  • Acrylic lenses

It is considered one of the best lenses that are lightweight and highly resistant to scratching. It can be considered the best alternative to glass, as it is quite affordable.

  • Polyurethane lenses

It is generally used for prescription glasses, but it can be found in sunglasses, and it is one of the types that has been subjected to a lot of scientific research and studies to prove that it is safe on the eyes.

  • Glass lenses

It is considered the most popular one, it is clear in color and clear, but it is heavier in weight compared to acrylic lenses and there is one drawback which is that they are susceptible to breakage, making them more suitable for older people whose work does not require much movement.

  • Polarized lenses

That is, the polarized lenses we mentioned previously, as they work to block glare when the sun’s rays are strong and sharp and reduce the solar rays when the reflected light comes from different angles for some time, it was at a higher price than other lenses, but now it has become at a close and acceptable price.

  • Photo-Karmic lenses – optical lenses

Optical lenses can be considered the most advanced technology in the world of lenses. When you walk inside, the discoloration of the lens will disappear, while when you go out and go under the sunlight, it will become darker, and it is used more in medical lenses.

  • AR Coating Lenses – Anti-Reflective Lenses

In the event that the sun’s rays are at its zenith, these lenses are the solution because they limit reflection, and they are also characterized by durability and high resistance.

2 – Buy sunglasses that fit your face shape

When buying sunglasses, it is imperative to choose the shape that suits your face and features, and this is done as follows:

  • The face is in a circle

A circular face means that the length and width of your face are equal, with the chin rotating and the smoothness of the borders, and the best glasses are those that extend your face more length and highlight some of your features, so you should choose glasses with geometric square and rectangular shapes.

You can also rely on gazes whose upper bridge protrudes towards the outside, and you should avoid glasses that increase the roundness of the face, such as small glasses or round or oval shapes.

  • The face is square

A square face is characterized by the convergence of its length and width, with clear outlines and angles in addition to the width of the jaw and forehead.

You should rely on round or oval glasses to give your features more smoothness, while avoiding glasses that make the face sharp, which are square or rectangular glasses.

  • The face has the shape of a triangle or heart

A heart or triangle face has a wide forehead compared to a pointed chin, so the right glasses for you can give your cheeks more width, such as cat-eye glasses, as well as glasses that have a slightly lower upper bridge.

Glasses that are oversize and have too much detail and width in the upper part are not suitable.

  • The face has a specific shape or diamond

It is characterized by protruding cheekbones while both the chin and forehead are somewhat narrow, and therefore you should buy sunglasses that give your forehead more width and limit the width of the cheeks, which are round or oval-shaped glasses.

Square, rectangular, or narrow-framed glasses are not suitable.

  • The face is rectangular

In a rectangular face, the length is greater than the width in addition to the forehead area is characterized by being high, so you should buy sunglasses that reduce this difference and it is preferable to rely on oval or circular shaped glasses in addition to choosing them with a relatively large width. As for square or rectangular glasses, they are Inappropriate.

  • The face is oval

Both the length and width are commensurate with the soft features, and this is what makes buying sunglasses so easy. There are many suitable options such as large-sized, square or rectangular glasses and cat eyes, while the small and narrow glasses are not suitable.

1 – The appropriate size of the glasses

For your face to be smooth and thin and choosing huge glasses is wrong and vice versa, so it is imperative that all of the size of the glasses fit with the size of your face in addition to choosing the correct frame and shape, as for how to determine this, it is simple enough to try glasses and look at the mirror and note whether these glasses Is larger than the face, or is it appropriate.

From now on, the task of buying sunglasses has become an easy task, and you can confidently get what suits you, what protects your eyes, and is in line with your facial features.